Big change doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time. And it takes teamwork. It’s also important to remember that lack of communication inevitably leads to a culture of confusion and gridlock. We only move forward when we pull together.

Whether we work in the private or the public sector, whether we are business leaders or local officials seeking to bring jobs to the Grand Strand while ensuring respect for environmental issues, teachers trusted to educate our children, or retirees wanting a much loved lifestyle to continue and thrive, we all have an important part to play. Together, we’ve been making great progress, but there is still much to be done.

Roads & Economy

Infrastructure (roads, bridges, and highways), jobs and the economy are all issues that cannot be separated. Roads are vital to our safety. They also drive industry and jobs to an area, particularly one like ours that relies so heavily on tourism. The ability for visitors to easily come and stay makes a real difference in our day-to-day lives.

As a Senator, I’ve been working to improve our vital infrastructure in Horry County. We’ve been working hard at the county level and even developed our own local “Ride Plan.” Finally, State government has started to address this important need. The Senate has passed a massive reform bill to restructure the Department of Transportation in a way that helps dollars get directly to the most important roads projects. I’m proud to say this year I worked hard to secure 4 billion dollars for our roads, bridges and highways without raising taxes.

Ethics Reform & Transparency

People deserve to have trust and confidence in their government. Our state’s ethics laws are a major issue and urgently need to be addressed. Ethics reform has been one of my top priorities. As Chairman of the Senate Ethics Committee, I’ve seen the need for changes and have worked to accomplish them. I’ve worked to increase the rules of disclosures and worked to require campaigns to file their complete bank statements. The Senate recently passed an Ethics reform bill that starts us in the right direction but there is still work to do. Right now, I’m fighting to put an end to the dark, untraceable money that flows into our elections, often from out-of-state sources, and corrupts our political system. I will not rest until we protect the integrity and the transparency of South Carolina’s elections.

An Education System that Benefits Every Child

Every child deserves the opportunity to receive an exceptional education that paves the way for opportunities and lifelong success. And, by providing every child with the resources they need to succeed, we can develop the kind of skilled workforce our economy requires. I’ve been a strong advocate for charter school options, public school choice, and tax credits for parents of children with special needs. Moving forward, we need to take a top-to-bottom look at our system and find ways to modernize it while ensuring more available resources reach the classroom. Dramatically improving our education system will not be one simple change. It will require a complete rethinking of our approach.

Tax Cuts for Families and Small Businesses

Across the board, the tax burden is just too high — especially for those who work the hardest. Creating good paying, long-term jobs and stimulating lasting economic growth begins by reforming our tax code in a way that provides real tax relief to small businesses and working families. We recently passed a much needed tax relief for property owners as well as tax cuts for small businesses. And this is just the beginning…we must reduce the tax burden across the board and work to ensure government is more efficient, which ultimately saves us all our hard-earned money.

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